I have a history of asthma and hay-fever since childhood. I also had respiratory complications during flu season. Tightness in my neck and shoulders are due to over using accessory respiratory muscles.

Treatments I tried first: nasal decongestants, bronchodialators and allergy remedies often over medicating myself to the point of not being able to function at my full capacity.

What Chiropractic has done for me: In medical school I found out about the cranial and spinal nerves and how they function to transport nerve impulses to the different areas of the body. If these areas do not get complete impulses or if these impulses are impaired completely then these areas are deprived from stimuli and health. Through adjustments and alignment of the cervical thoracic and lumbar vertebra these impulses can be thought of as a “kinked garden hose that can now flow freely.” Due to my adjustments I now use a bronchodialator a fraction of the time and no decongestants.

Joe Sever
Respiratory Therapist