Infant Wellness

I started bringing my daughter in 3 weeks after birth for proper alignment. She comes in on per month and we are very happy with her health and well being.

She has never had colic, teething pain or fits of crying.  She is a happy well adjusted baby!

Jennifer Johnson

Gastric Reflux

Benjamin, 10 months old has been a patient of McDowell Mountain Chiropractic for about 3 months now.   After much discussion, my husband and I decided to bring Benjamin to Dr. Mancuso for chiropractic care.  He is seen three times a week to battle the gatric reflux he has suffered since birth.  Benjamin was on Zantac and Metoclopramide as prescribed by his pediatrician to help stop the symptoms associated with the condition.

Approximately a month and a half into his care with Dr. Mancuso, Benjamin’s reflux problem has stopped and we have completely taken him off his prescribed medications.  We are very happy to see our son keeping his meals and formula down. No child should have to suffer when proper care is available.

Thanks so much McDowell Mountain Chiropractic!      

Peter and Desiree Vogel


I’m diabetic and I’ve had high blood sugar that has recently been worse. I noticed that whenever I go to the chiropractor , my blood sugar tends to be much lower.  I really love what chiropractic has done for me. My whole body feels better and I can tell a difference right after my adjustments.  I’m so thankful for chiropractic , and I know I am much healthier because of it.

Crystal Moody         9-15-2000


Dear Dr. Mancuso, Family staff and future patients,

My daughter was diagnosed with Asthma when she was 6 months old so I started taking her to Dr. Mancuso. Then at her 1 year check up the doctor told me that I could take her off the nebulizer and her medication all together!  She also has those days where she is really fuzzy, and we will take her to Dr. Mancuso and the difference before she gets her adjustment and after is like night and day.

I truly believe that Chiropractic care has helped my family and myself to live a happier and healthier life.

We live in Glendale Arizona and it takes an hour to get to the office but it is so worth it.

Thank you Dr. Dave

Sincerly, Harmony Wells          August 9, 2004 

Hearing Loss

Dear Dr. Mancuso,

I had severe loss of hearing with loud background noise in the left ear. I’ve invested 4 months of weekly treatments under your care and the result is OUTSTANDING!!!

 Prior to coming to your office I had consulted top hearing and neurology doctors in private practice, at ASU Medical and Stanford Medical Hospital.

The answer was always the same:

> You will have this hearing problem for life

> You can use a special hearing aid to mask the sound and improve hearing

> You can invest in a new surgical procedure being developed as we speak

Thanks to you and your practice of whole body life force regeneration I can now announce that you were correct, that the body could heal itself with your help.

You have given me a indredible gift.  My hearing and my body is working at top speed once again.

You have changed my life for the positive.  Once again thanks, you are great!!!

Regards, Jim Pharr                 February 16, 2005

Pain (Neck-Back-Feet)

When I started treatment 3 months ago I had such pain in my feet it was very hard to walk plus the pain in my back and neck was SO bad I could not sleep and life was a MISERY!!!  This is my first experience with Chiropractic care. The pain in my feet, back and neck is all much reduced. Now I’m able to walk to the office for my adjustment!!!  Also, my sense of well-being is back after years of severe depression.  And in the past 3 months, my thyroid gland has near mormal function despite the 2 benign tumors on it that were previously interfering with my thyroid function

Dr. Mancuso’s treatment has CHANGED MY LIFE!!! I feel better- and more alert than I have in years!!

Kathleen Hitchcock                  May 21, 2001

Age: Younger that when I started Chiropractic care!

Neck Pain/Back Pain-No Energy

First Imy doctor put me on antidepressants. That didn’t work.

Chiropractic has increased my energy level, my posture is better and my neck pain and back pain is now gone.

No more drugs, Michelle Vannatta (Age: 30)

Stomach Problems – Headaches

My daughter Sydney has had chronic stomach aches and headaches for years. We had tried over the counter medications with no long term results.

Since she started getting adjustments both her headaches and stomach problems have stopped!

Thanks, McDowell Mountain Chiropractic and Dr. Mancuso

Ellen Mejia, and Sydney Mejia (Age 7).

Body Building-Back Pain

April 18, 1995

1995 Western Regional Bodybuilding Champion

Dr. Mancuso

Thanks for all the help. I’ve been through a lot with my back problems and would have not been able to compete without your help, let alone the cost of chiropractic care.

Believe me it works. Thanks again and I wish you the best.

Sincerely, Mike Harris

Sinus Problems, Leg Cramps

My son Mikey has had severe sinus problems and leg cramps since he was two. After seeing Dr. Mancuso for the last three weeks, he finally sleeps through the night and can breathe like a normal person. It has been such a miracle for this kid to sleep and breathe normally.

After seeing the difference in Mikey, my daughter and I go. I also told my pregnant friend Tanya to go because she had back pain. She also feels so much better, and can finally sleep pain free again.

Thank You,

Pat Doeller, Stephen, Jackie and Mikey.