Keeping healthy and injury free is a prerequisite in maintaining my fitness level in marathons and triathlons. Beyond swimming and biking, my workout regiment includes running more than 60 miles a week. Running is extremely important to me since it has been a part of my lifestyle for over 15 years. Beyond its physical benefits, running has helped in promoting a sense of spiritual and mental well being.

During the spring of 1999, I was traveling back and forth from Delaware to Arizona for business. One weekend while at home, I went to stand up from the dinner table. Within a split second my legs collapsed, and fell to the ground. My right leg was stricken with numbness and sharp pain. I was unable to stand up or walk that evening. I was due back in phoenix within a couple of days. I was far from walking normally, let alone running. My brother, a chiropractor in Virginia, suggested that I should see McDowell Mountain Chiropractic when I traveled back to Arizona.

After receiving treatments from you for a week, I was back to walking normally. Within two weeks I began swimming 2,000 yards a day. Within 3 weeks of the disabling incident, my running was back to normal. Any hint of soreness or tightness has disappeared (including any aches that were present before the incident). In addition, I have full flexibility. My mental state is elevated and I have a healthy outlook on life. All remnants of my ordeal have past into distant memory due to chiropractic care.

Neil Williams