McDowell Mountain Chiropractic

Services Offered: Chiropractic, Physical Medicine Modalities and Therapeutic Procedures, and Massage Therapy


We are a committed team!

Men and women who are driven to constantly improve the quality of life for all who desire it.

We empower individuals, families, and organizations by loving, giving, and serving, out of our own abundance, so that people can transform their own lives and make outstanding choices about health and well being.

We simplify this process so that its profound impact is delivered to a mass number of people in a manner that inspires action and entertains in the process.

We specialize in the management, reduction, and elimination of vertebral subluxation “the major unfound cause in chronic disease”. Our dynamic contributions are constantly creating positive momentum; loving, healthy, life-long relationships both with people and within people community wide.

We serve “Life” by serving people, using Chiropractic and the Natural laws of healing.

Yours in health,
Dr. Marcus R. Perron, DC and Staff